The Krebs Institute is a multidisciplinary research centre with an overall theme of mechanistic biology. Mechanistic biology studies basic, life-governing, processes from the cellular to the atomic level. Such an approach requires a synergy of skills and expertise from across the scientific disciplines. At the heart of the Krebs is the mission to foster and facilitate research from fundamental biological, chemical and physical studies, through to translation into biotechnological and medical applications.

The Krebs Institute

The Krebs Institute was established at Sheffield University in 1988 as a multi-disciplinary, cross-departmental research arm to facilitate our programmes aimed at the greater understanding of biomolecular processes.

The members of the Institute are funded by grants from a wide variety of external bodies including BBSRC, EPSRC, MRC, the Wellcome Trust, EU, industry and the Royal Society.

The Krebs Institute is named after Sir Hans Krebs who, between 1935 and 1954, carried out his Nobel Prize winning biochemical experiments at Sheffield on the crucial metabolic cycle that bears his name.

Research Areas

An interdisciplinary approach to biology

Rapidly advancing technological developments have led to an explosion in genomic and biological data. To translate this information into predictive biology requires a full understanding of the molecular mechanisms underpinning life. The Krebs Institute has the ambitious aim of bridging this void in our knowledge, by harnessing complementary teams in a broad range of disciplines across the University to address crucial questions in biology.

To achieve this end, the Krebs Institute maintains, strengthens and stimulates collaborations between molecular, cellular and structural biologists, microbiologists, biochemists, chemists, physicists, theoreticians, information scientists and clinicians. The Institute is inclusive, driving science between whatever approaches are necessary to tackle complex and long-term problems.

The Krebs Institute Symposium 2017

7th July 2017 | Council Room, Firth Court

9.30 Opening – Prof Jamie Hobbs, Director of the Krebs Institute.

9.40 Dr Christian Voigt (APS) “From Octamer to Rosette – structural rearrangements of the membrane-bound (1,3)-β-glucan synthase complex.

10.00 Dr Andrew Fenton (MBB) “Identification of new cell wall biogenesis factors in Streptococcus pneumoniae using Tn-Seq.

10.20 Dr Alex Fletcher (SoMaS) “Mechanocellular modelling of epithelial morphogenesis.

10.40 Dr Timothy Craggs (Chemistry) “How structure-specific DNA binding proteins recognise their substrates: insights from single-molecule FRET and molecular dynamics simulations.

11.00 Coffee break

11.30 Dr Daniel Bose (MBB) “Creating bespoke chromatin: how non-coding RNAs regulate epigenetic-enzymes to tailor gene expression.

11.50 Dr Mack Durham (Physics and Astronomy) “Bacterial chemotaxis during biofilm formation.” 

12.10 Dr Adrien Chauvet (Chemistry) “Laser spectroscopy: watching chemistry live.

12.30 Dr Emily Noel (BMS) “Using zebrafish to define the cellular mechanisms driving early heart morphogenesis.

12.50 Lunch

13.50 Dr Emma Thomson (MBB) “The exosome complex is recruited to ribosomal substrates via specific adapter proteins.

14.10 Dr Julien Bergeron (MBB) “Architecture and mechanism of the R-body, a fuel-free protein nano-machine.

14.30 Dr Catarina Henriques (Oncology and Metabolism) “A new role for telomerase in regulating gut immunity? Potential implications for ageing and disease.

14.50 Dr Alison Twelvetrees (SITraN) “There and back again: cooperation between dynein and kinesin motors to maintain neuronal function.

15.10 Close.


Exploring hidden worlds

The KrebsFest is a celebration of the scientific research of Sir Hans Krebs, winner of the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1953, for his pioneering work at the University of Sheffield.

At the festival we explore Krebs’ legacy through a series of public events and exhibitions including talks from Nobel Prize winners.

Find out more about KrebsFest at the festival website. 


Get in touch with us at the Krebs Institute

For further information, or to discuss collaborations, please contact the Director of the Krebs Institute:

Professor Jamie Hobbs


Tel: +44 114 2224532

The Krebs Institute, MBB, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield S10 2TN, U.K.